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The Free Recycling Programs are funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. 


Our Free Recycling programs solutions are for waste that is usually difficult to recycle. Join as many programs as you want to maximize your impact on the planet.



There are 2 different ways to participate in this program:

  1. Drop off your waste at a public collection point near you

Select the free recycling program you like to join bellow to find the nearest public drop-off location on the interactive maps and drop off your waste during opening hours.

    2.  Set up a public drop-off location

If there is no public collection point near you, then you can set up yours by following the steps below:

  • Find a public place to host your collection (with the prior consent of the person in charge of the place), keeping in mind you can only have one public drop-off location per account per program;

  • Download and fill up the Public Drop-Off Application Form HERE;

  • Send us the completed form at;

  • Instal your MyEcoBox & start collecting at your location;

  • When your MyEcoBox is full, seal it and return using our pre-paid shipping service it to our center for recycling. All you need to do is call on +40 (743) 046 929 and we will organize the collection.

You can only register public drop-off location within  a minimum of 8 kilometers distance between each public drop-off location (unless stated otherwise on the program page). If any of the public drop-off location details change, please notify us at and we will update the details online.

PS: if you will be collecting waste in commercial premises, you will need to provide us with a waste transfer note. This a quick form you need to fill out and send us to help with the traceability of waste. You can download the waste transfer note HERE.


Learn HERE more about Public Drop-Off Locations 

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